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Eric Worre: A Network Marketing Wake Up Call

There are a lot of obstacles, opportunities, and changes going on inside the Network Marketing Profession.  Recently, Eric went online and delivered a Network Marketing warning and wake up call for top leaders, company owners, and corporate executives where he addressed seven challenges in Network Marketing and what people involved in this Profession need to do to solve these challenges and take the Profession to the next level. 

Show Notes 

Eric gives a recap of some of the events that have happened recently in the Network Marketing Profession – specifically involving Advocare. [1:28]

Eric explains – while it’s not perfect – the advantages of Network Marketing.  [5:25]

Eric urges those who are ready to take their business and the Profession to the next level to pay attention to, and act upon, the seven challenges of Network Marketing.  [6:45]

Eric explains the dangers of product claims and the importance of having the proper disclaimers in place.  [7:40]

Eric discusses the fault with the easy claim and how it tarnishes the entire Network Marketing Profession.  [12:13]

Eric details how using income claims is an invitation for disaster and gives the sobering truth about Network Marketing recruiting and earning numbers.  [14:52]

Eric explains why the days of lazy and overpriced products and services are over and why some commission structures are partly to blame.  [25:33]

Eric talks about the challenges of the poor customer-to-distributor ratio across the Profession.  [28:21]

Eric warns about the fallout of providing a substandard customer experience.  [31:34]

Eric reveals the biggest challenge in Network Marketing – being that in many companies, their sales have outgrown their leadership – and three options to counteract it.  [36:16]

Eric recaps the seven challenges of Network Marketing and issues a challenge to leaders in the Profession.  [44:02]

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