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Joe Occhiogrosso & Frank Marone: Simplify Your Life

Meet Joe Occhiogrosso & Frank Marone

Joe Occhiogrosso and Frank Marone are two former Wall Street investment bankers from the New York/New Jersey area that said, “NO” to Network Marketing for over 25 years.  They then went from being super skeptics to Network Marketing Pros within months of entering the Profession.  They are maybe the only people in the entire Profession to ever create a six-figure monthly residual income in less than one year with no real prior experience.  They have made more than $16 million in residual income and have inspired thousands to reach their dreams.

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Show Notes 

Joe and Frank share their story of life on Wall Street. [2:30]

Joe and Frank reveal when and how they were introduced to Network Marketing and their first impressions of the Profession. [8:18]

Joe and Frank explain what made them finally take a look – and eventually get a start – in Network Marketing. [11:07]

Joe and Frank share some of their first experiences as Network Marketers. [15:30]

Joe and Frank reveal how they used their experience and influence to share their opportunity with other entrepreneurs, and how they eventually turned their influence into duplication. [21:05]

Joe and Frank recall lessons that had a major impact on their success. [26:57]

Eric asks Joe and Frank to each share their worst day in Network Marketing and what they did about it. [31:47]

Joe talks about his books. [35:46]

Joe and Frank offer advice for listeners. [37:38]

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