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Susan Sly: Creating the Have It All Life

Meet Susan Sly

Susan Sly is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and multimillion-dollar earning Network Marketing Professional.  She’s authored seven books, is an award-winning athlete, and has helped develop 31 millionaires in Network Marketing.

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Show Notes 

Susan talks about her book, The Have It All Woman, and the life stresses that are affecting both men and women today. [1:45]

Susan shares her thoughts on entrepreneurialism and the benefits of owning a business inside Network Marketing. [9:22]

Susan provides her definition of what Network Marketing is – and what it is not. [15:03]

Susan explains why Network Marketing is so misunderstood. [16:58]

Eric asks Susan what she would say to the critics of the Network Marketing Profession. [23:20]

Susan shares how Network Marketing helps people create a ‘have it all’ life. [28:14]

Susan provides advice on how to select a Network Marketing company to get involved with. [31:17]

Eric asks Susan if there are certain people who are better at achieving success in Network Marketing than others. [33:41]

Susan explains why there are so many moms involved in Network Marketing. [36:20]

Susan shares what it takes and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. [37:46]

Susan offers encouragement for people who are nervous about becoming involved in Network Marketing and the benefits of taking the leap. [39:52]

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